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Fantasy Football

Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been away so long. Just having a life and what not. The goal for this year is to have consistent post o - n NFL, NCAAF, EPL, La Liga, NBA. We’ll see though. I might even do more than that.

Anyway, I’ve been craving some football so I decided to make my ideal Fantasy Football team. I was surprised to see how little it’s changed since last year though.

Peyton Manning - QB1

LeSean McCoy - RB1

Jamaal Charles - RB2

Calvin Johnson - WR1

Dez Bryant - WR2

Jimmy Graham - TE1

Matt Prater - K1

Seattle Seahawks - D/ST1

Bench: Drew Breez - QB2, Adrian Peterson - RB3, Demaryius Thomas - WR3, Rob Gronkowski - TE2, Stephen Gostkowski - K2, San Francisco 49ers - D/ST2

Flex: For me it’s a tie between Gronk and Brandon Marshall.

Let me know what you guys think.